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Samsung - DVM - Digital Variable Multisystem


Digital Variable Multisystem


Samsung Digital Variable Multisystem



Revolutionising Aircon Installations In South Africa

  • Samsung’s Digital Variable Multisystem utilises Variable
  • Refrigerant Flow technology to effect major electricity savings whilst R410A gas ensures eco-friendliness
  • Ultra-reliable Copeland® Digital Scroll Compressor allows flexible modulation of capacity from 10% to 100%, providing rapid response to changing occupancy loads
  • Multiple indoor units of various types – including splits, cassettes or ducteds – can be connected to a single outdoor unit
  • Capacities from 4 HP Mini DVM to 64 HP (14kW - 179kW) with industry-leading EER and COP figures
  • Long pipe runs to external condensing units contribute to aesthetic building design
  • Supported nationwide by Samsung Air

From hotel chains and major banks to hospitals, office blocks, government buildings and upmarket residential applications

When it comes to larger air conditioning projects, top of the list of requirements today are efficiency, eco-friendliness, electricity savings and aesthetics. Which is why Samsung's DVM Plus III system installations are sweeping South Africa! Not only do Samsung DVM systems provide superb economy of operation but also eco-friendliness along with ease of installation, individual temperature control and a wide choice of indoor units. Available in Heat Pump and also Heat Recovery versions.

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